Baraja reading

Our Baraja readings are done with an ancient family deck. Similar to the Tarot but unique in that it will give you specific answers to your needs.


Personalized Candle

Our candles are hand poured with the purest ingredients. They are customized to your specific need. Please contact us with your need after you place your order. Full instructions will be sent along with your candle.


Tarot Card Reading

Our readers use the entire deck of Tarot Cards to give you a full picture of divination. There is no time limit for this item, however, we must schedule your readings.


Cleansing Kit
Try our newest product for cleansing or intentions! Every month you will receive a kit that is customized to begin the new Lunar Cycle with all that is needed to begin a brand new month for your home and more importantly, yourself! You may order one kit or customize either a 6 or 12 month supply and save money!

45.00 inc. shipping.