Six people from different cultural backgrounds meet on the internet. All have problems in real life and the internet offers them an illusion of what they can’t achieve in real life. Using their minds and emotions while being physically still at home, they manage to create a new life online for themselves. Anonymity allows them to reveal themselves mentally without constraint. Evil is no longer recognized as they throw themselves into the lives they created. Proving, that in this age of communication, man is still a primitive being. Fantasy is superimposed upon reality and day to day life is forgotten.



ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-6611-3

ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4363-6612-0


Welcome to Chatville USA!


And meet six people who will change each others lives and may affect yours.


Will they find solace and comfort in each others company even if they don't "know" each other. Or will they find sorrow and madness? Read on to find out...